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Our team is deeply involved in the memecoin market and are firm believers in the memecoin supercycle.

The International Meme Fund (IMF) began as a humorous idea among friends at the ETHGlobal Sydney Hackathon.

It has since evolved into a full-fledged DeFi credit application with a native unstablecoin, with a purpose of allowing our (actually very technically competent) team to experiment with several new primitives we have developed.


Memes have achieved escape velocity in the crypto industry, forming their own market with dedicated participants. Some memes have grown into multi-billion dollar valuations and ecosystems.

We believe it is now crucial to have native liquidity and financial infrastructure for the meme sector.

The problem we address is this: Our degen brothers and sisters no longer have to choose between MEMES and DREAMS. If you have a sizeable investment in your favourite memecoin and don't want to sell because you expect it to moon, but you also need to buy a Lambo, like right now, to impress that girl on twitter you've been messaging for the past 3 months, you can now do both. Degens can finally hold that seven-figure memecoin investment and drive off into the sunset with your new lambo and e-girl.